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Anton Petrov 30/8/22
Record breaking blackhole jets found: 50x size of a galaxy, and most distant so far.

Jets are radiowaves (electromagnetic) including xray photons, which are translated into visible light by radio telescopes.
So radiowaves of longer frequencies than light can escape a blackhole, but radiowaves at light frequencies can't escape a blackhole. Something here doesn't sound consistent. Do the radio-telescopes only detect xrays ?

The matter/energy in the jets never actually went beyond the event horizon. It got close but all of the intense chaos of the accretion disk sent it flying away. That's my understanding at least.
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Pretty close to being spot on. The intense magnetic field plays a major role in directing matter towards the poles of the blackhole.
Astrophysical jets are also visible optically in some cases not just in radio telescopes.

"Typical, that is, until we observed NGC2663 with Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) in Western Australia -- a network of 36 linked radio dishes forming a single super-telescope.

The radio waves reveal a jet of matter, shot out of the galaxy by a central black hole. This high-powered stream of material is about 50 times larger than the galaxy: if our eyes could see it in the night sky, it would be bigger than the Moon.

While astronomers have found such jets before, the immense size (more than a million light years across) and relative closeness of NGC2663 make these some of the biggest known jets in the sky."

So the jet/s are about 50x larger than the galaxy - with it's central black hole, ie well outside the event horizon of the central black hole. So again, we appear to have an example of ionized matter and associated radiowaves exiting a black hole, from which (electromagnetic) light and ionized matter are not supposed to be able to exit (again, well beyond the event horizon around the centre of NGC2663)


Dr Becky Smethurst
A Brief History of Black Holes: And why nearly everything you know about them is wrong


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